• Cailin Alainn

The "Essence" of Nature

As I continuously develop my art workshops, the first one that started with a discussion was in September 8, 2019. I can say it was a successful event where we brainstormed our ideas from our multiple cultural backgrounds.

Here is an excerpt of that memory:

In today’s workshop we started out by discussing on a couple of John Muir’s quotes and a quote from McKenzie Funk’s, “The Booming Business of Global Warming.” This brought about topics of the “essence” of nature, the stripping of its “essence” through human-centric interventions, and the dichotomy of controlled chaos. We identified our humanistic need in “finding our place in the universe” and the need in diverting from the super structure in order to fulfill this self actualization. Lastly, we discussed the differences between “specialness” and “better than” in relation to colonization, racism, environmental feminism, and women’s rights. I want to thank the participants who attended for their involvement and creativity in making this workshop happen. Stay tuned as more events are posted throughout these upcoming weeks. Thank you

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