• Cailin Alainn

The Creative Potential of Trash | October 5, 2019

“Climate change as a driver of human behavior, (is) the ultimate case study in how we confront crisis.” “The emotional block: what we don’t see doesn’t scare us.” Windfall – The Booming Economics of Global Warming.

Courtesy to Istanbul&I NGO for providing their space, we discussed how we confront crisis, how climate change has always been a crisis but has not been considered serious until recently. “How is change created?” We discussed on how to provide the access of these issues to the “common man.” “Who assumes responsibility?” Is another question we conjured up as we discussed differences between nations and cultures and how these differences are found between religions and social structures of socialism vs individualism. We spoke on perception, human behavior, Art and education.

My ultimate question was– How can we use art as a means to break down these perceptions and road blocks that we create within ourselves?


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